Saturday, October 25, 2008


Had a nice outing today, to the Abbotsford Convent Farmers market, where Little Miss's uncles have a stall. She catches up with her cousins, and we usually get some produce, such as mmm, salad tonight. A lot of bartering goes on at the end of the market! I found this cool bag in my wardrobe, a find at savers or a dollar or two. It's handmade, I hate the thought of someone receiving it and throwing it out, so I saved it. great size, and love the colours- a new favourite!
Tried this frock on this morning, but alas, must have bought a 10 (op shop purchase) as it won't do up! Oh, well, save the fabric for a bag, maybe.
And lastly, the thread den social sewing night was great last night, the girls are lovely and they have great big tables to transfer patterns and cut out! Saved the knees for once. I am making the dress and tunic top from this pattern, which I have had for ages. It has different sizing, so I am 16 (!), bit hard to say as I am a 10-12. Will post fabrics when they are done! But lets just say, when picking sheets from op shops, make sure they haven't been used as painting sheets, or you will be disappointed like me!


laughing purple goldfish said...

love that handmade bag... what a find!

Leaves of the family tree said...

I love the bag too.
How often does Thread Den have there social nights? Love to join in

bec said...

It is a great size, the bag, means I can't carry too much! I carry a tote now for my water bottle, as it always leaks. Thread den has a night every month, and heaps of classes