Thursday, October 9, 2008

A wonderful day....

Had a fantastic day today, as it was my 'day off', ie no work, child in child care, my one day out of 7 to do stuff for me. I had my hair done! i can't remember the last time, I have been doing home jobs to cover the grey, this was actual pampering, mmm, nice.

Had breakfast before that at Spoonful, high St Prahan, it was art! Beautiful everything, food was delicious and quick, and great coffee. A real start to my day off.

And as this weeks op shop purchases are in the wash, here are last Thursdays 'op shop Thursday' finds. I bought some melts from DUSK and though I needed a few deeper oil burners; turns out I did, and these ones for a dollar look great!

This was given to me a while ago, can't remember when, but I have had it on my dressing table, looking beautiful
then I found
this gorgeous box at Vinnies Altona. The first thing i've bought from the cabinet! Fits my old rings beautifully! May start a collection....

Other news at hand....

Malvern Spotlight is closing down, and therefore has a sale! massive sale! Until October 31st, got great jewellery making supplies ie bead ans chains, but there was so much on sale, I was sooo good (trying to only sew from the stash!).

Had a shop ot Malvern Salvos, will post finds when dry.

Picked Little Misss up from care, and went to a friends for dinner, and a play- tired and exhausted, we're both going to bed- good night!

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laughing purple goldfish said...

a trip to the hairdresser's... divine... my favourite part is the scalp massage when they put the conditioner in... it is such an indulgence... definitely takes me to my happy place :)