Friday, January 23, 2009

A wonderful day

Yes, the day I bought my new camera.
It has made me very happy, I couldn't handle another day without. Especially with all the excitment in my life right now!
Like.... pruning done!
The side cleaned up- ok, not officially everything, but 99% of it. One more lot to go.
Also on the shopping list today was the first pair of school shoes. The school says sneakers are the school shoes, but as a MCHN paranoid about foot problems, I was Clarks fitted all the way. Then I found them.

Clarks Varsity, found at the Footwear Express outlet for $30! A definate compromise for me, but one I can live with. And worn home form the shop, so I know they are ok!

This is the fabric I mentioned in my last blog with which I will make the Anna tunic.

And what post would be complete without a pic of Murray, back from the groomers. The week at the beach cost him lots of fur, but they kept his 'face', and definately his personality unlike last time!
Little Miss has named him 'The Dude"!

So off to take more pics and download. 270 holiday pics to look at. Finally!

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