Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ok, don't ask me how I got here, but I have been pleasantly suprised

This cd was chosen with an 'eyes shut, pick one' approach, due to me cleaning out the cd bozes and being surious. Usually I pick the odd one and go no, pick again, but today- I googled, and who know? He's still playing in the US, and a bit spunky to boot!

I finished school in 1992, so I have to try not to feel too old realizing I have had this cd for about 13yrs! I was robbed a few years ago in Sydney, so I don't have my very first cd - a classic.


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Liesl said...

A classic indeed! I wonder if it was the same CD thief who came to my house and pinched a collection of over 100. And to add insult to injury stole my doona to carry them in!