Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rave On, Rave On

Ok, good news and bad news....

Bec said recently "And I hope that somehow your washing machine manages to miraculously repair itself while you're away "

And it did!

I think it needed the threat of being put on the side of the road, I got back and gave it one more chance, and have since done 5 loads! Amazing. Thank you thank you washing machine fairies.

If there is a digital camera fairy, I'd love to meet you too, as I want to look at my holiday pics!

Meanwhile, I have a serious addiction I am in no way wanting to break, just need some fellow fans- Mamma Mia! I watched it for the first time last week, haven't seen the stage show either, I am so in love with it. Watched it again today, and am listening to the movie soundtrack as we speak. I have always loved ABBA, even Little Miss likes them, but Meryl Streep is great, Pierce Brosnan terrible but great too, they are all great.....ok, get the picture? Will stop now. But will add a new video if anyone wants to watch along.

(No video, just music) Surprise!



Trish Hunter said...

Hello!! I don't think I've blogmet you before :)
I might hurt you by saying this...
but I also have smurf sheets! And I believe there's a pillow case too.
I'm getting quite a collection of smurf memorabilia.
I'm not sure what I'll end up doing with it all, but if I ever get rid of it/sell it whatever I'll be sure to let you know first!

Thanks for reading :)

Trish Hunter said...

Hi again!!
I was just wondering, would you like to have the tote?
I realised I'd be at no loss without it, and if you're willing to give an arm, thats a lot more love for it than I can give, so if you'd like it I'd be happy to post it to you.
It's not HUGE though, so I'm not sure if it'll fit many books, but you're welcome to have it if you like.
My email is on my profile if you would like to email me your address or work address or wherever you'd like it sent.
It's all clean and washed :)