Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not again

Ok, it's getting a bit ridiculous! I want people to buy my quilts, and this excludes lots of cat dislikers! It was really hot and yucky in this room at the time, too, not fan on or anything...
and she loved having her photos taken, she kept rolling and lapping up the attention. Weird.

And my quick dinner tonight- salad, which I haven't had in yonks (unless you count chicken caesar, am always up for that). This was rocket, fennel, radish, tomato and mushroom. Drizzled with loive oil. Perfect for a hot evenings dinner. Ice cream for dessert.


Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Wow Bec, I've just had a big 'catch-up' read! Love the quilts and the top you made too. I'm hoping to get my blogging mojo back once my little one starts school on Friday!

edward and lilly said...

Your cat is so cute, and the quilts are looking great!