Thursday, January 29, 2009

My 1st giveaway

Well, I certainly didn't set out today to do three posts, it just worked out that way!

I have been umming and ahhing what to do with this bag of fabric, most of it was from when I was making all the quilts I am now binding.
I had most of it in bags, in my stash box, and keep taking them in and out, but don't want to use them, as newer and different fabrics are making their way into the box.

All up there is 2kg of fabric, some squares, some pieced squares, some strips, basically you could almost make a quilt with it! Or use some of your own stash to play with it all.
Oh, the little bits with rubber bands around it are little triangles, may need a press!
I'm happy to post Australia wide.
Please leave a comment, and I will get Little Miss to draw a name out of the hat next Thursday (after school, of course).
Good luck!


Michelle said...

Oh goodie! Look at all the lovely fabric! I'm in! (....and you won my giveaway by the way!!)

Unknown said...

Count me in! ...and I'm still waiting on two more comments to my pay it forward post to make things for in case you're keen!