Monday, January 12, 2009

We're back!

Gosh, only a week, it felt much longer. Maybe because we were at a different house every night, lots of public transport and 2 suitcases! The washing machine has decided to work again, thank goodness, but my camera has died....RIP. Hopefully the memory card is ok (or then I WILL cry!) and I can get the pics printed out as per Little Miss's request.

So, in a pictureless post here is what happened:

Sunday: packed, caught plane. Slept in Newcastle, Cardiff to be exact. Lamb roast dinner

Monday: Train from Newcastle to Central, stayed with Best Boy Friends in Alexandria.

Tuesday: Shopped in Newtown, red Prada handbag for $4, train and bus to my dad's in Narellan.

Wednesday: Saw my Grandma, Dad drove us to Campsie to stay with my best girlfriend, her 2 kids and hubby (in a 2 bedroom apratment-eek!). Saw a massive Sydney cockroach.

Thursday: Shopping in Sampsie, introduced friend to op shopping, train back into city. Stayed in hotel, dinner with old friend.

Friday: Taronga Zoo, sunburn (me) and Madagascar 2.

Saturday: Back to Alexandria, La Perouse beach, many many drinks.

Sunday: 14 hrs on a train and bus back to Melbourne.

Monday: reuntited with pets, very happy day. very grumpy and tired 5 yr old, who has stated we need a holiday to get over our holiday! I do too, hence day care tomorrow.

Cat is being painful trying to sit on keyboard, so off to watch dvd and had cuddly cat time. And sleep!

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Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

WOW Bec, sounds full on - you def need a holiday, but you won't get one till fiesty 5 yr old starts school!
WHAT an age eh? I've been bossed around, yelled at, cuddled (nice) yelled at some more, and bossed around even more! 1 is so tiring, we are 'the other person' to them, sigh.... we'll miss them so much next year though!