Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Busiest week since I gave birth.....

Wow, like a one legged guy in a butt kicking contest (not un-pc, quote direct from Dolly. If you haven't seen, do yourself a favour).

I've increased my working hours, feeling lots of satisfaction financially and I'm not napping the day away, but not having as much time to sew :( But hoping this is temporary as I get used to the busier times.

Here is the great giveaway I won from Poss Bloss. Little Miss was complaining she never won anything blah blah blah (never enters anything either), and I said, hey, I just entered this and look! Aren't they gorgeous colours? Aren't I a great pencil sharpener?

My project this week has been some 6" chenille square blankets- really, I am making quilts instead of throwing out chenille! Most of these are colours i have dyed, but some are originals, and I have a few more colours to add. If anyone sees any they want to buy RIGHT NOW let me know, let's make a deal!

Now, my reason for this post- to support my new blogging mates. when I started this it was basically to talk to someone, but see what happened- these guys (among others, of course) have filled me with inspiration, awe and god dammit, they are bloody nice too boot! So visit
I am also going to have a giveaway for my 184th post- that will be my next post, giving me time to find the giveaway gift or suprise, and read up on my rules. See here maybe tomorrow...or Fri. We'll see.


Andi said...

"Busiest week since I gave birth" .... that's a big statement. You must be feeling pretty frantic.
The chenille squares are looking very gorgeous. They'll make a deliciously comfy quilt too.
I'm off to visit your mates.
See you soon at Perle's.
Andi :-)

flickettysplits said...

COnsider this TWO entries into the surprise giveaway! Your chenille squares look lovely, I especially like the orange. Where can one buy big pieces of chenille, suitable for say, baby blankets?

CurlyPops said...

I'm loving that hot pink chenille. I'll start keeping an eye out on my oppy trips in case I happen to stumble upon some for you.

Leaves of the family tree said...

Ooh - I like the orange & purple colours! can't wait for your giveaway!

Jennie said...

Without checking the IMDB entry, I'm guessing that's from Nine To Five. I loved that movie! The theme song is on one of our Singstar discs and I always forget just how tough it is to sing, then embarrass myself.

Angie said...

Chenille squares look great! I got a shaggy brown chenille double bed cover from the op shop this week that my son tells me would be perfect for a bear costume....I think he may be right!