Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I will survive

Yes, a bad day, broken equipment (however handy that may be, Andi) and a scattered brain (ie me) has turned my frown upside down. I have used that last dye I bought and made this yummy colour. As you can see from the steam, I prefer a hot dye, but seem to remember from yonks ago at high school that you can use the cold dyes as hot, and the website didn't disagree with me. I'm supposed to stir for 20 mins, but it's too hot standing over it, I just let it simmer longer. Then I cheat and throw it in the machine for a rinse and spin, and ta da! It's very therapeutic- or maybe appeals to the control freak in me who just wants THAT colour NOW!
Another blissful evening was spent cutting away for Little Miss's bunting. s my last batch only didn't 3/4 of a wall, I had a bit more to make, and now I have pink chenille again, I can do it! I don't care if I have leftover triangle, I'll make a cushion or two for the bed to match the bunting.