Monday, May 18, 2009


I sewed my first label on an item today, a shirt for the little boy I babysit. This describes him to a tee at the moment....

I wonder why I don't get much done when he's over!! We have a lot of fun...

The big orange thing is the colour of the curtains in my house (rental). It goes well with daggy brown carpet, but not the rest of the bedroom look, so, with the fabric I scored at IKEA

Hem still needs to be done, and the top bit stitched over, but I highly recommend this- you keep the good, blockout curtains on their fancy rail, and we have a nicer room. Oh, there is a big pile of books under there too, they should be a bit flatter when I'm done with them. Not bad for a 21mth old's help, I thought!

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