Friday, May 15, 2009

The giveaway

Ok, I said the other day that I wanted to join in the giveaways, what better way to recycle! Also, I want to join in with this big giveaway, and launch of the site.

I have lots of handmade goodies in my giveaway, a few pictured above. I will also throw in some fabrics and possibly haby, and some suprise stuff. Leave me a comment and this will be drawn on June 8, with all the others. Good Luck!!


Gina said...

Oh dear, you got spammed. Horrid.
But I'll join in the giveaway!

Liesl said...

Nice goodies - I'd love to enter your giveaway too!

CurlyPops said...

I tried really really hard to resist! Just don't pick me ok.
PS - I didn't really mean that!

Tasha said...

ooohh who could resist such pretties? Please count me in ;)

Nikki said...

Oh - I'm always in for a giveaway - and I love a surprise!!