Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gotta love IKEA

A big weekend of redecorating has been happening. remember this? I have scrapped my painting plan, due to the weather, and the thought of an alternative plan. It started with a trip to IKEA. straight into Bargain Corner. Here is a dream cutting/sewing table....
$369 reduced to $219, with an extended top out the back. Look at that drawer storage! I met a lovely couple (the husband got me a trolley) and his wife and I oohed and ahhed over the table! She scored a $10 big bolt of fabric that is destined for outdoor furniture cushions. This table/ cabinet remained un-bought.

Here is my score of the day! A $149 cabinet reduced to $99, ex floor display I think.
And I fit it in my hatchback!
Once we got home it has nicely fit in with the rest of the room, it's bigger brother being too messy to show, but is being cleared as we speak.
Do you think we have too many Sesame Street books? One shelf is the encyclopedias, and the collection is growing!

I have cleared this built- in of shelves so that the room is spacier, as you can see, Little Miss is pretty happy.

Other IKEA purchases= these cork heat mats- surely they can be fabric covered mini-noticeboards? Worth a try anyway. Candles (a must) and Hama or Perler bead templates.

I nearly walked out with $50 curtains until I re-entered Bargain Corner on my way out. there, hot on the rack, were the "Sommer" range of fabric pieces, no sure purpose, but I saw curtains. As I am renting, I will sew these over the orange ones and at $5 a pop, a bargain. Can be re-used to.

All the bunting is up, too, and beside a lot of books on the floor (you can never have too many books) the main bits are done. The main thing is I have a happy little girl, who can better that!

PS See here for other IKEA purchases made on this day.


CurlyPops said...

Kudos to you for daring to enter IKEA on a weekend!

Andi said...

I daren't enter IKEA.
I spend way too much $$$.
Especially from the bargain corner. Dangerous!!!

Leaves of the family tree said...

Wow - IKEA on a Sunday is brave! the room looks fab.

bec said...

Yes, I braved the crowd for the booty, I only had a minor meltodwn, otherwise very happy!

Corrie said...

snap! we braved ikea on saturday midday and instead of just going for 2 highchairs ended up with a whole assortment of storage options! but my sewing cupboard looks so much best find was 2 enamel milk jugs that I will use as vases!

I love ikea but not the crowds!

Nikki said...

Oooh - I love a trip to Ikea... but SUndays there freak me out. You're a brave girl, and you got some bargains - well done!