Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just a minute in May

I've been wanting to play along for a while, but always miss it. So here is my first one!

Stamps. Hairclips. My quilt. Pants. De-cluttering and moving in new furniture. Loving my bag making course.

Watching... Series 3 of Nip/Tuck has been watched, as has Dexter Series 2. I have run out of tv shows on dvd, and am thinking Curlypops's Foxtel idea isn't bad.... What is with free to air tv these days?

Reading... Finished This Charming Man by Marian Keyes, nearly finished a Val McDermid thriller. Local papers form my area and neighbouring suburbs. Where has all my junk mail gone?

Listening... Hairspray- repeatedly. And 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift. Wish I could get my music on occasionally!

Doing... Work! In case you aren't sure, I'm a Maternal and Child Health Nurse, so work with families and children under 5. Lots of babies to goo at and cuddle. Nearly up to 5 days a weeks, which is cutting out on a lot of sewing time! But then, I procrastinated most of the day when I wasn't working this much, so maybe it evens out. Am loving the extra money and confidence working brings.

Eating...Starting to prepare the winter stews and casseroles, and still talking about getting a slow cooker. One year I'll do it!

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Gina said...

Didn't know you were an M&CH nurse. Wow, now that's a busy job. Along with single mothering and sewing. Well done you!

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Ha! You read my mind re the slow cooker, I'm eyeing them off too, a friend of mine says to wait till Target habe a big sale, and get one then - but I want to do slow cooked casarole's NOW!!
Your job sounds great, I'm thinking of doing something part-time too - would love the extra cashola!