Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pants off Sunday

Finished of a few UFO's today, after finally re threading my over locker. A little pile of pants! There is a big pair for me- the mustard ones are chenille lounge pants (2 pairs, pretty fancy I am!).

Little Miss Copy-cat has a pair now too- she didn't want to take them off.

She is getting taller, so new jarmie pants, refashioned from some size 18 pj's I found in an op shop.

And some stretchy leggings to go under shirts etc. Or inside uggies, as modelled.

After all the changes, the leggings weren't coming off! And thank you to Forges of Footscray, such good elastic bargains!


Selina said...

lookin' good Bec! It's cute when they love the same things you do! My daughter loves her chenille pants too!!

Mistea said...

Pants would have to be the order of the day if today was any indication of what winter has in store. You are both looking good for a snuggly winter. Enjoy.