Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wow, what a day!

The big adventure today was not very far from home- up the freeway and into Daylesford, where they had the Makers Market. Little Miss, me and Holly jumped in the car and despite missing a turn-off, made it!
First stop, was Lark, where the lovely Allison was there to greet everyone. The town was jumping! A bit of exciting news....

beccasauras pencil rolls will be in store soon! Wow, to be included with these crafters is just awesome! And if the rain clears up tomorrow for some half decent photos, more pencil rolls in my Etsy store as well, just in time for Christmas!

The market was a-buzz with bloggers and new friends- the puff idea worked a treat. Kootoyoo, Dandelion, Curlypops and Jodie RicRac had their usual amazing goodies;

Little Miss is so happy with 'Message-bot' Roby;

Beck's beautiful stall;

Cam's beautiful bags and brooches

and a new product (how does she find the time?) DIY brooch kits, for young and old!

And, of course, I came home with some treats for me- a Parsley and Beet card to remind myself to buy the pattern (ie I bought a pattern), lucky dip stitch kit from Kirsty, yo-yo brooches, and some Lark goodies;

also from Lark these great melamine latte cups- the fit under the spout, yay! And love the little jumpers I made them the other day. Doesn't everyone like to accessorize??

And even though I came home to rainy Melbourne, I have a pretty big smile on my face. Hope your day was as good as mine!


Andi said...

Sorry we missed you after Lark. I tried to get your number but miss preggers was suffering serious pregnancy brain and gave me some wrong numbers.
Glad you guys had a good day.
Andi :-)

Jodie said...

It was an hysterical day - and so great to catch up with you and Holly and your delightful little Miss- she is a crack up!
Now madam, I distinctly remember saying I would be sending you a after checking my emails this morning you are in BIG trouble (I presume its you)!
Can't wait for pics of the frock !

CurlyPops said...

What a day indeed! COngrats on your pencil rolls - super exciting news.
Thanks for popping in for a catch up - looks like little miss had a wonderful day.

Janice said...

How exciting to be a supplier at Lark! It sounds like you both had a great day at Daylesford. I wish I was close enough to go.

Lark said...

Lovely to see you and you gorgeous girl again! The pencil rolls are out n the shop and look lovely, thanks you! xx

Kate said...

Ace to see you again! Thanks for not screaming when I ran into you. Hope your little one looses a tooth soon so she can put it into that pocket.