Friday, November 6, 2009

Suprise! (Friday's post)

I was sick this morning, and had a day in bed with the Little Miss, who was recovering from her school sleepover (eek, only 8hrs sleep, she can't cope!) Imagine my joy when I finally was able to get out of bed, and a package had arrived....

I love that crafters wrap in fabric, it makes us unique, I think. Always thinking ahead!
When I opened it up, I saw the mecca of giveaways- including 2 fabrics I never thought I'd find, the orangey floral and Heather Ross bicycles. Plus books, patterns, fabrics, a pincushion and buttons! I'll be looking at it for ages, and hopefully using it all for great projects. Thanks Selina!

Selina's also hosting a vintage sheet swap- what a great way to get some new colours, without having to store the whole sheet!

This pattern was snatched up by Little Miss as soon as she saw it- and I was promptly asked to make it for her as a birthday present. I was dubious, only because after 2 days it may be forgotten about, but I thought I'd try it, outside my comfort zone and all. I grabbed the linen look one for the body's, and the mushroom one, me. Too cute.

Friday night ended up with the first basketball game. All these little kids with not much of an idea how to play- more of an idea than me, who'll be scoring soon!

Go Wolves!

PS Computer meltdown again meant it took 24hrs to post this post! ARGHHH....


Mookah Studio said...

What a lucky duck! That is one fab prize you go there.

Selina said...

Yay! You got it! I'm glad you like it!