Thursday, November 19, 2009

Catch up

I keep thinking I've posted these pics, then remember I haven't and have finally remembered to do it!! I happily posted pics of the of this quilt, here is the finished top piece.
Murray watches my every move- he was in every photo!
I now have to start the back piece, then organise the professional quilting...yes, that's right, one day I will even have the money to pay for it! Not yet, though.....

After making the pram cover for my friend a few months ago (he's 8mths old now, more than a few!) I didn't think about doing another one. But then I got lucky- the one on the left was $40, the blue on the right was $20, and included the bassinet, umbrella and toddler seat! The green one is Little Miss's old pram, which I was keeping to make junk mail deliveries with when I'm an old codger, but now I think it needs a revamp. Any Emmalunga fans out there?

This was thrown in with the pram from the trash n treasure stall- isn't she great? Joan Dawson in 1966 made this pic, which is sooo crafty I had to have it!

This cat has been cracking me up all week- it just walks to a point, then flops on the ground and lays in this position like, forever! Until she gets a pat, then she rolls over and lays for a while longer. The furry kids are so hot at the moment, actually Murray is at the groomers as I type, getting a 'summer do'.

And an update on fabric utopia. 2 more shelves arrived for my birthday, and are been filled up. Every night i have been folding my stash, often involving ironing in front of the fan. The crafty girl picture will hang above the shelves, I think. The 2 other canvasses are on the walls in my bedroom and hallway.

That's it for photo roundup! Stay cool in the heat.

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