Sunday, November 8, 2009

Signs of Summer

Hmm, global warming has a lot to answer for! Hot or cold, no in between! Today was definatley a hot one- and my summer faves have all popped up.
Like salad dinners. this one in a yummy roll. Actually we had them for lunch, too, I am so rapt that Little Miss is eating lettuce! She realises she gets to say 'poo' when she does, as in 'it makes my poo soft'- hey, I have to get her to eat it somehow! My grandfather used to say 'lettuce cleans your blood'- not as exciting too a potty mouth age school kid!

Murray got a trip to the beach- a little section where dogs rule the roost, and get to cool down, and makes friends with other dogs and people.
All tuckered out.....

oh, and you know the man in the red suit is just around the corner when these some out- Bakers Delight mince pies, and their new Lemon Tart. I could take or leave the lemon tart, but there mince pie- I'm glad I didn't buy a six pack. Although it's better than a six pack of beer!!

What's your favourite summer treat?


Mookah Studio said...

Not much is better than a six pack of beer - especially when it's somehting with fruit in it.

Rose said...

I've got to say my fave summer treat is a chilled slice of mango... yummm.

Angie said...

I love home made burgers....only if the hot stuff (eggplant or fish or meat) is cooked outside on the BBQ - preferably not by me.