Monday, November 30, 2009

Pretty easy actually.

It turned out ok, I think. A few tweaks, hem etc. Shall I let you know what she thinks?

Me: Do you like this fabric?

Child: Yes, it's nice.

Me: It used to be a pillowcase

Child: I don't like it now.

Me: Why not? It's just fabric, wherever it comes from.

Child: (stomps off into room)

Solution: Make up some pretty vintage girly dresses for my next market, and make child one in a fabric of her choice for her b'day party on Sunday. Do not ask opinions any time after lunch, as fatique and tears are always together in this house.


willywagtail said...

It's a didease I think, this dislike for secondhand. I love to tease my 15 year old by putting my op shop finds right up next o her and seeing her move away fast. Other people's germs!!! Eek! I also point out a lot of things that other people have touched like the 10 cent piece I picked up today. She didn't mind touching it! Cherrie

Andi said...

Next time tell her the fabric used to belong to the queen of the fairies. That should help!

Gypsy said...

Is that the shirred dress you referred to yesterday? It's super cute! My 8yo daughter still thinks op shops are awesome, mostly because mummy never says 'sorry, I don't have enough money for that'!!!

Janice said...

Aren't kids funny. I think I went through a similar phase of hating having home made clothes. I especially remember begging for a "bought" school jumper. Poor Mum, after all her time, effort and love put into creating our clothes.