Saturday, November 21, 2009

Treasures for the Stash

I recently went to my friend's mother-in-law's house, 'Nonna', who passed away recently. After years sewing in a factory, she then bought the machines and sewed from home. It was a room like nothing I'd seen- an overwhelming stash of fabrics, notions and dust!
Some fabric came home with me, as did these haby items- a bag of buttons in hundreds of little bags, that filled a tin!

A bag of elastic and I chose a few threads.

And I'm yet to put away the stash of zips.

I feel very lucky to have 'inherited' all this, and hope I put it to good use! First stop is a home made bag with some fabric from Nonna to say thank you to my friend.....
Also on today's plan is folding the rest of these vintage sheets, and finishing cutting some up for the vintage sheet swap.....

as everything is looking so good in their shelves.

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