Friday, February 13, 2009

The week that was

Well, it certainly has been interesting, and there have been a few highlights, which I can finally share. Last weekend I visited the Sister's Market, and then popped up to Savers and Ascot Vale Vinnies on the way home. I picked up this amazing oilcloth tablecloth for $3. It called for a complete transformation of the dining room/studio, which I found helped distract me from the horrible news around the place, and gave me the chance to put some things things together to donate to Red Cross.
I also covered this canvas I had, and put this in my bedroom. The fabric was a set of old sheets I had, and have enough left over to do some cushions to throw on the bed. Very calming and relaxing.

Also on my Savers jaunt last weekend I replaced all my broken plates (1 dinner plate left out of a set!) with these beautiful bone china plates for 99c each, and a few retro ones. Some soup/pasta bowls have joined them too. I like the fact they are all a bit mismatched, makes things a bit more interesting. I like some things to be all the same, others I don't mind, weird.

Ace the cat had a bath this week, she has rediscovered her love of water and has been trying to get in any chance she gets. This time I lifted her in and gave her a good soaking, she stayed for a little while, then jumped out and dried off. Cool.

And finally, have my basket packed, a quiche cooked and everything ready to go to head to the sewing bee tomorrow. I am almost regretting taking Little Miss along, she has been Little Miss PsychoGrumpyBum this week, giving me grief and I am dreading a performance tomorrow, but I think she should be distracted enough and maybe a bit shy and behave herself. I'll try and cope and give her some jobs to do, I suppose! School has been such a big event for both of us this week, maybe some girly sewing time is the answer.

If not, I apologise in advance!

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CurlyPops said...

Great oppy finds. Have fun at the sewing bee today!