Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm in love

No, I haven't been swept off my feet by a tall, handsome man promising me I never have to work again and can spend my life sewing, I was lucky enough to get a new washing machine! My old one was still working, but I new the next time it broke down it was going to washing machine heaven (according to Little Miss, everything has it's own heaven). This nearly new beauty was for sale for a measly few hundred dollars, and seems very happy in her new home.
I never knew something so small could be so heavy.
So I am learning the new language of front loaders, and different powders, and the instructions are staying close by till I'm confident the things will come out clean!
Another bargain was this office desk my work was selling ($30!). It had a hutch on the top, but I didn't I needed anything extra to dust, so it has gone. The Beados fit beautifully in the drawer, and the keyboard pull out tray is for...the pencil roll! Gosh, it looks so grown up, it was hard to move the baby one out of the way....another sign she's growing up!

Today was a first for me- my first garage sale! I never really could be bothered before, loving the 'drop in anytime' op shop, but the ad for this one read 'sewing machine, over locker, vintage fabrics' blah blah blah, so I was there.

$5 got me the booty in the next 2 pics

There are pieced squares to be sewn into a quilt and quilted fabric with the dungarees pattern still pinned on it. Lots of ribbon too, which I never have enough of. It should all be nearly dry, and ready to roll into the stash.
And a shot of this great tea towel. I picked up at Savers. Pure linen, no stains, I'm tempted to frame it, it's so cheery.

Hope next week's as lucky!


CurlyPops said...

That looks like garage sale heaven!

Nikki said...

Wow! WHat a haul!!! YOu've had a great week.

I'm very envious of your new washing machine. Mine is about to give up the ghost.