Friday, February 20, 2009

Oppy finds

Well, it doesn't actually feel like true oppy-ing, but they were definite bargains!
The BSL in Brunswick has had brand new shoes for a while, very cheap, and I returned on a 46 degree day to buy some, to find it had shut up shop early due to the heat. Pooh Pooh, I said, I didn't want your shoes anyway!
Fast forward 2 weeks and here they are, reduced further to $2 a pair! I bite my tongue, some one's looking out for me! So $6 has been a worthwhile investment.....

I discovered a new op shop today, only open a year or so (der! where have I been?). Eekos in Brunswick is really groovy, a funky little op shop but also selling fair trade stuff and environmentally cleaning products (They have my favourite floor cleaner, a rose geranium flavour, yum- to smell, not eat, though)
I picked this up for Little Miss, then saw it was a size 8, I'll put it away for a bit. Needs new buttons is all.

And on the $2 rack a skirt for me, probably for work, depends if I can get the stain out! (Please say 'what stain?" and I'll be more reassured).

I found this one back at the BSL (don't you love getting pics out of order? Takes too long to fix em up, sorry!). Handmade, brand new, $3. Sold! Have a few friends popping out bubs soon, this will be for one of them.

And I finally bought myself a treat (as if 3 pairs of shoes isn't enough!). The Mod bag and accessories too make, I write this as I wait for the fabric to dry, and will be cutting out the pattern very soon. What an incentive to clean up the 'studio'.

I dropped into to Nikki's warehouse today, where the reminders of the fabulous sewing bee lingered in the 'cutting room'. I met Curlypops, too. I was starstruck, becoming normal now when I meet other bloggers haha. I'm so looking forward to the Stitches and Craft Show where I will absorb the craftiness from the atmosphere.


CurlyPops said...

What stain?
Hey those shoes are so cute, especially the polkadots!
You chose a great pattern - I love the shape of the mod... and it was really lovely to meet you in real life too!

Nikki said...

So sorry I missed you! Your visit coincided badly with kinder pick-up time.

Have fun with the Mod pattern. I look forward to seeing the results!

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

LOVE the shoes, and did you say $2? What a bargain. And the little jumper just yummy too. Don't think we have anything like that in Sydney, will have to have a look.

Kate said...

Fantastic finds! Great shoes.