Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ipods- a crafters dilemma

I have finally made a pressie for my dad (belated b'day) but I am denying it is the right size! Is an Ipod Nano really this small? I got the measurements off the site (after ringing and checking, but being disbelieving), so it is made up (an Ipod cosy, that is) and will fit this correction tape! it had better fit, it is my Kokka print fabric, very precious, lined in blue too. The ric-rac is a bit of a joke- when we were kids it apparently went on everything, so whenever I mention my sewing, he asks "is there ric-rac?" (Yes, it's wearing thin, but Dad jokes always do, don't they?)I attached it to elastic so it fits snugly.
I'm making one for his partner, too, so she doesn't feel left out! I may send his first and check it fits, though.
My second find tonight is in Sew Hip, cute templates, especially the owl! I'm a terrible drawer, so the freehand templates for tees don't really work with me, I'm a pattern and template kind of gal. These are specifically for embroidery, but I can use them elsewhere, can't I? scanning them in now....


Selina said...

i know what you mean by the can't draw thing! that owl template is super cute, i would use it for anything. thanks for stopping by my blog, i'd love to see your chenille collection!

Christine McDonald said...

I'm sure you could use those templates for whatever. They are good strong simple shapes. Love your ipod cover too.