Thursday, February 19, 2009

My creative space

I am playing along this week again with Kristy

As the sewing table has almost become the dining table, I thought, hmm, let's show what was for dinner tonight! The paper covering the tablecloth is all bits of school notes, about 100 million came home today, and in an effort to be organised and not miss the info evening again, I am writing on the calender as I read them.

Hope I remember to read the calender.

The 12 golden words are very important, according to many 5 yr olds, and signing off the reader. Made sure I started tonight, only a few days late.

And craft wise? Well, despite not having time to sew at the moment, I had an emergency trip to Spotlight Sth Melb yesterday after a terrible day (notice I am blogging and not at Amitie? Say no more...). I got about 6 meters of blue cotton fabric, some denim, some white lining for a dress, and the beautiful floral print, all for about $30. Also bought a super small yo-yo maker, doh!

head over to Kootoyoo to see else is playing along.


Kirsty said...

Hope today's a bit brighter.

You'd have to dig for a week to find me under the mountain of notices from our school.

Louise said...

Hi just dropping by to say hello and answer your question re Sew Hip mag. I'm not sure where you live but it's available at the newsagency at Chadstone. I would ring around a few bigger ones and see what you can find but I think it's fairly available. Too bad you missed Amitie last night but hopefully you'll get there soon! Good luck with the school notices - I'm fighting a losing battle!!