Monday, February 16, 2009

An ambitious project

I should have just moved house, I think. This plan I have to be more organised is ruining my need to sew and relax. I decided when Little Miss started school that I would get the kitchen organised, thereby making me "super-school-lunch-mum". Hmm, yeah right.
So I started with a few containers, emptied out the pantry, and stacked it on the table for a night (or 4).
Last Monday I began reorganising my sewing corner of the dining room, which I would normally call my studio, but now it is just crap! Look what I did to it!

At least the pantry looks good. There were 2 doors on this when I moved in, which were taken off (not by me!). And of course, now I want to put them back on, I can't. When I borrow a boy I'll get them to try.
But the plan here is evident- I want all the lunch containers and drink bottles on one shelf, in one spot, and everything else will fit amongst this.
In case you are wondering if there is food in my kitchen, yes, it is all under here. This wonderful piece of furniture was found by the side of the road, and is on a lots of bricks to make it the perfect waist height. This little kitchen had one bench- the little bit pictured above that the dish drainer is one. Practical, huh?

The last part of my plan is to sort through my 'cupboard of addiction' ie Tupperware cupboard. I particularly love the retro stuff, but really any cheap and freebie Tupperware I will take, and hoard for later purposes.

So I now have 5 hours (of school time) to get some sorting done, maybe we'll eat at the table tonight? I'll keep you posted....


CurlyPops said...

That retro tupperware in the last photo is fabulous!
Good luck with the re-organising.

Liesl said...

I feel better having read this post ... my house looks very similar at the moment. Good luck! Hope you can eat at the table tonight.

Christine McDonald said...

The great thing about re-organising cupboards etc. is all the amazing discoveries you make along the way.