Saturday, February 14, 2009

what a day!

I left home in a fog of smoke, and as I write this can still smell some....
I feel bad for having such a fantastic day, when still so many fires are burning, and the day was spent thinking about those with nothing. Gee, it was great!! I REALLY need to start a sewing group, so I can communicate better and enjoy talking sewing; as Nikki said, 'we speak the same language'.
Taking the lead from Little Miss, I thought I'd stay till she was ready to go....after a cry when her new friends left, she bucked up and we left about 6.30pm, spending the whole day! When asked the best thing about the day, she replied "everything".
Nuff said.
A yo-yo's support group may be started if I have gotten anyone addicted.
And I am serious about a sewing bee at my house in Yarraville, email me if you are interested.
Much fun to be had.
So tired. Must sleep.


Nikki said...

Thanks SO MUCH for coming. Your gorgeous girl is a wonderful little person - and she was so good all day!!!

Christine McDonald said...

Sure was a fabulous day. I've discovered an addiction to embellishment. Was great to meet you. Love your blog.

Liesl said...

Lovely to meet you in real life! It was a fantastic sewing bee, wasn't it?

Jemma. said...

Hi there, not sure if you saw my other comment? Could you send me your mailing address for pay it forward please? My email is

Sounds like you had a nice day!!