Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not a very pleasant day yesterday, I'm not going to whinge about it, though, I was lucky enough not to be near a bushfire, or lose family or friends or homes, so we did okay. I got a bit done.....
they're finished! Sitting in front of a fan is the only way to be in 46 degrees temps, with frozen tea towels on your shoulders (Little Miss and I quickly became a fan of those, they were on quick rotation all night!).
I haven't counted this pile, half are in my shoppe (a typo, but a cute one), the rest need to be added.
I'll also add these, min-quilts, no binding, just floor/play mat style I made ages ago, I've had them stored in a suitcase, and think I'll get them out. I'll list them too, and then when I get a chance to get to a market, probably winter at this rate, any unsold ones will go there.

Hot cat!

And nit girl!! I feel like all I'll do all year is comb out nits!! Arghhhh! Is there an end in sight? She is such a trouper, though, letting me poison her head and endless combing, thank you my little one. And last night she told me "you look like a bunch of roses" and meant it! Couldn't ask for more than that!

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