Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A bunting we will go.....

I decided last night that I didn't want to move off the floor in front of the TV, so I dragged out 'the stash'. It used to live under my bed in various different suitcases, but is now in these tubs. I get very very green with envy when I see beautiful folded stashes- mine are all rolled, especially the little bits! I only occasionally can get the lid on them, too. They have taken up residence in the hallway, luckily most people that come over are aware of my problem! The last few weeks has seen me throw new fabrics on top, and not sort properly, so this became my fun last night.

No, actually, I had a plan in mind- bunting for Little Miss's room. I've wanted to for ages, and is the reason I bought pinking shears. I managed to half sort the boxes, while picking bunting fabrics. She loves all the fabrics, and that's all that matters, even the vintage ones. The striped (sheet) fabric is the back of the triangles, so they can all be striped, or a mix of pink and purple chenille, purple fairy print (that is already in her patchwork quilt and a cushion) and the vintage pillowcase. And for me to start something last night, and have it finished by tonight....let's just say, it doesn't happen often!

That's not to say I'm not still making my Mod Bag. I just didn't feel like running out to the machine during the ads last night. But tonight I did. I finished off the O rings the other day.....

And tonight finished the zip gusset (SUCH an attractive word, gusset, don't you think? I always think of huge underpants, not sure why). The photo isn't great, but you get the idea. Bit by bit, it is happening!

And I got a big happy smile today- went into a big newsagent in WIlliamstown, and there it was- Issue 2! I got so excited I started talking to a lady that works there in the aisle, and she took me to the counter and will now hold one for me every month. And yes, I think it was worth it, lots of good stuff in there. She will try and get Issue 1 for me as well, but didn't seem very confident.

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CurlyPops said...

That bunting is going to be so cute! I love a bit of vintage sheeting.