Thursday, March 12, 2009

A crafty week

My rule of not starting any new projects has, of course, worked really well and I am not behind at all! So cutting and sewing and finishing these items in a couple of days has not made me neglect any other half finished items.
(Add sarcasm here)

But, you may agree, they are pretty cute, and this is the project I started at Perle 8's last week, so to have it done in a week is a huge achievement! They are actually for a little girl, in case you were wondering about the ruffles, and may take her a while to grow into them, but that's ok. The parents delivered my new washing machine without ever having met me, so I owe them a big THANK YOU!
I am off to the show tomorrow, have 2 classes I want to do and lots of browsing and chatting. I will stop and say hello to everyone who's up for a chat, especially fellow bloggers! I have read a few posts already about it, but as I haven't been to one in years, I am going in with an open mind and a bit of cash-ola to spend hee hee.


Andi said...

The outfit looks absolutely gorgeous. You are a clever chicken!!!
Andi :-)

Mistea said...

You are right they are very cute and the colour is gorgeous too. Hope you enjoy the show. I'll be there Saturday.

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Great outfit!