Saturday, March 28, 2009

A great Saturday

A beautiful sunny day today, I envisioned being out for the morning, but it lasted much longer! We started at the Made In Thornbury market, where I caught up with many other bloggers, and little Miss had the time of her life! A big craft table and some undivided attention to help her, while I went wandering and chatting.

On the way home we bought her 2nd pair of school shoes in 2 mths ( I hope I lose count soon haha) from the fab Pacific Brands outlet in Brunswick, don't close this one down, pleeeese! Aren't they great? And she wanted to put them on in the car, I didn't tell her too!

Of course, couldn't pass the Salvos! Preston was open, Vinnies shutting 1 min before we got there, grrr. A beautiful handmade crochet blanket, all blue, is in the window, I would have snatched it up! But Salvos is consistent with good product (and a toilet!! Yay). Here is a doona cover, er, um, fabric I mean.

More sheeting, er, fabric.

and a cute t- shirt I will use for Little Miss.

Got a dress for me too, and a few bits and pieces. I'm loving the challenge I have set myself, I had no desire to stop in at Savers Brunswick (and the boss in the back seat yelled (NO MORE! when I suggested it).
We even squeezed in a walk at out local off lead park, and Murray scored a bath- what a great Saturday had by all.


Liesl said...

Nice goodies! It was lovely to see you at the market today too :)

flickettysplits said...

It was lovely to meet you at the market today! My soaps came through unscathed, fear not....