Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Playing along

I'm playing along with Pip this week with Words and Pictures.

I wasn't sure what I was going to write about, but I sat and had a good think and had a memory....

Of yucky yucky sandwiches. I hated them. Didn't really matter what was on them. I can't remember when it started, but I know my bad habit of skipping lunch started really early, and probably only ended when I could buy my own (uni days?).

Lunch orders at school were the awesomest treat, with a meat pie being right up there. I would always peel off the top layer of pastry, and spoon the meat out into my mouth, then roll up the bottom bit....mmmm, yum. And a Moove, usually strawberry.

High school had a canteen, and many lunches were binned and a finger bun and Paddle Pop did me just fine. I remember a competition with me best friend on who could eat the same thing for the longest time, and I survived on Vegemite sandwiches with white bread for EVER, but don't remember it finishing.

I remember year 12 in high school when we had our own 'room' to hang out in, so cool we were, and a sandwich toaster was the height of sophistication. Polish salami and cheese was the highlight of my day, toasted and very good.

The last 6 weeks of making a school lunch has had me petrified. What is she wastes all my hard efforts like I did to my parents? Not to mention the cost! What to put on it, what to put with it, how to present it.... all these questions and more.

My mind has been put at ease (sort of) with comments such as

"That was the best lunch I have ever had" (a chicken and avocado sandwich with mayo)

Empty containers!

"All the kids said I was bad" (after sneaking in a mini Mars Bar after getting a black eye the day before)

"I didn't have enough food, you need to send play lunch!!" (We had 2 meals at school, now they have 4! Can't keep up!)

"Don't ever give me Vegemite again!"

"Why can't I have a lunch order?"

Enough said! Read more here. Thanks Pip for the stroll down memory lane!


Andi said...

Yeah. Why can't she have a lunch order?
Apparently these days, lunch orders can include sushi or salad. Or, lets face it, a vegemite sandwich and a mars bar. Mmmmmm

Stomper Girl said...

I ate a LOT of finger buns in Year 12. Also chelsea buns, which had jam and faux cream in a square bun. Heaven.

meetmeatmikes said...

Awww. The Best Lunch I Ever Had. That's great! You are doing great, I reckon, despite your sandwich-hate! thanks for telling us about your Lunch-Land!