Monday, March 23, 2009

Hand quilting

Hmm, not too sure about this whole hand quilting thing. Ouch! Sore fingertips aside, I like the rocket and starts, I got the outline from the 3rd issue of Sew Hip, my new monthly treat.
As I haven't done this, and don't have anyone at home to ask, I have been using a hoop, which is a task in itself to get on, and experimenting with needles. I got some quilting needles, but long ones, as the little ones had THE smallest holes ever, I thought I'd never get them threaded with the Perle thread. So far so good!

I like that I need to sit down in front of the TV for this job haha.


CurlyPops said...

It looks fab so far. Great job!
Did you trace the designs on before you started stitching?

bec said...

I cut out the black lines on the picture, making a stencil, then drew it onto the fabric with a fabric pen (hope it comes off!!)

Mistea said...

The quilting looks fantastic so far, I haven't tried doing the contrasting thing yet, but I do like hand quilting. Hope you got your wish of good TV to quilt by!

Louise said...

Fantastic! I love the look of it and it will hurt less the more you do. Have you tried a thimble?

Anonymous said...

The quilting is looking good - I haven't tried hand quilting yet. I've been stalking my local newsagents for the third issue of Sew Hip but you must have beaten me to it.