Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Creative Space

I'm playing along again this week, showing you my current to do project.
Little Miss has decided she doesn't like people seeing her underpants (thank God!) but now won't wear her school dresses. Thankfully she has the option of shorts, hence the making of these cargo style shorts.

I have already made one pair that went berserk in the washing machine, all pills and fluffiness, so 2 new pairs in drill are in the making.
See who else is playing over here.


Andi said...

These will be super-cute.
Just got back from Perle 8's.
Shame you weren't there. When are you booked in next?
Andi :-)

Christine McDonald said...

Great shorts, they'll look gorgeous. Also little leggings worn under their school dress works well. They can climb and play with confidence.