Saturday, March 28, 2009

Op Shop Frenzy

I started this post last night, but got distracted and decided to start again. I have had SUCH good finds, I am going to bore everyone with extra photos this time (after just learning I can post more than 5 at a time- oops!).

A quick suburb guide. Thursday saw me at Abbotsford Salvo's (very quick look as I need to find the loo, and they told me Hoddle St was the closest!), Richmond Salvo's and Nth Melbourne (just opened! On Errol St). Then Friday was Altona Salvo's, then Hoppers Crossing, which I can't believe is in the cul de sac next to the Vinnies, and I've never seen it. I have decided to only hit Salvo's at the moment, the quality off their stuff is better, even if their prices are a bit higher- oh, well, you get what you pay for, I suppose!

Altona gave me a great set of books. I love Jodi Picoult, and nearly have all of hers now.

Ted Baker shorts

Wrap dress

Three vests, which I wear over a top or shirt to work. The beige one is brand new (Dotti) brand, the green Cue knitwear!

Jigsaw brand silk and angora sweater

More tees for embellishing and selling (eventually!)

Patterns, and the friendship bracelet pack! It originally have threads, but the book has the patterns, which Little Miss and I like. I used to make them at school, and have started making them for her now. Hoppers Xing had the biggest stash of patterns and magazines, awesome!

Books and puzzles, and Little Misses favourite, a stencil book. She's right into them at the moment, hours of entertainment. Remember The Munch Bunch? I do, they are really cool!

A gorgeous cot sheet, $5, right up my alley with the boys quilts happening at the moment.

Two single flat sheets, $5 each. Are they crazy? They are worth less than a cot sheet? Not to the vintage connoisseur! Aren't they amazing? What to make first!! (Probably something for Little Miss Holly Hobbie)

There are more clothes shots, I'll give you a break for now!! I'm off to the market this morning, maybe hitting some on the way home ;).


Selina said...

ohhhh, drooling over the Holly Hobbie sheets! That's like op shop gold!!! very, very jealous!

Nikki said...

My giddy aunt's pygamas... you did VERY well, indeed!

Lovely to see you today at the market!

Andi said...


CurlyPops said...

Was that boys space sheet from Hoppers? I'm sure I saw that on Thursday.
It was lovely to see you today. It was just like one giant crafty blog meet! So much fun.

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

What a haul - the op shop fairies were smiling on you - dontcha love that?!

laughing purple goldfish said...

oh my goodness! the munch bunch!!! what a blast from the past... I haven't thought about them in a million years :)