Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boy oh boy oh boy

Some weeks, I feel like this.
This has been one of them. I bustle off to work on Tuesday morning, and feel like I don't stop until Thursday, after school drop off. After years and years where I thought "how could you work less than 3 jobs for 6 days a week, and not go to uni at the same time?" I now have trouble keeping up with 2! Days that is, haven't even started the 2nd job yet!!
Last night Little Miss Know It All decided to exert her Independence and not go to sleep until 8.30, which meant lots of coming out, making up excuses, me getting cranky, until I fell, exhausted, into bed at 9.30! A rarity for me, I like to get every last minute out of the day, and then catch up with a Nanna nap the next day haha.
Anyway, single parenthood is never as glamorous as it sounds, yes, you get to make all the decisions, and we ALL love that, but then there is no one to pass the buck too! I try and use Murray and Ace (the pets) but it always fails miserably. And lately, the cat has taken to eating cockroaches in bed with me, I am waking up to the odd leg left on the sheet- ewww! Maybe a man stealing the doona and farting in bed isn't so bad? As my daughter said this morning "Maybe she ate so many she couldn't fit that last leg in!" The thought is actually terrifying me at the moment.
Hence my creative outlet. I have bitten the bullet and started cutting up my beautiful fabric, it was hard though. I have a few pieces from my stash to add, a yellow and maybe a green, what fun!

I have started cutting up this frock too, it actually would have fit me, but I liked the fabric too much. It's difficult, but I think I'll unpick the smocking to use the fabric, I'll see how we go.

Off to Perle 8's tomorrow night, woohoo, a catch up with the show girls.


CurlyPops said...

My cat is really really annoying, but thank god, he doesn't bring cockroaches to bed eeewwww indeed!
I can't stop laughing about him being full and not eating the leg.

Selina said...

too funny! I think I will take the farting man over the cockroach any day!

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Too full to eat that last little leg! Funnny girl!!

I often think how hard it would be to be a single Mum, hats off to you - and you do a great job.

Jacinta said...

Crazy here too... and I only have myself to worry about! Hope you have a more relaxed end to the week!