Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another weekend....

There always seems to be a race to the weekend, then it happens, it's uneventful, and back to the start again. I am feeling very relaxed, I should be, I am not madly getting ready for the show like many other bloggers! Good luck everyone, I think it will all be fabulous, I can't wait to pick up some new hobbies (that I really need haha).
Today started off with a breakfast treat- pancakes. And I pulled the non-diet recipe, with heaps of baking powder (for the thickness and puff), sugar, salt, butter, an egg, and topped with honey of course. Mmm, they also kick over for morning tea! And my new Tectonic Stanley Rogers pan is pretty great, a wipe clean and it's done!

I have made a big start/halfway through on my sewing room, putting everything in it's place, cleaning out a few drawers to put patterns in, it's getting there. I had to show this off that I picked up at the garage sale the other week, there are four blocks hand tacked onto wadding and backing, and a single block (which I've laid in the middle). Aren't they great? Not sure what to do with them yet, though.

Ahh, a blogger in the making. Little Miss and I have discovered kids games online (no, not casino ones or anything) mainly things to teach her cut and paste, stuff she is learning at school. It's taken over the TV, so I am happy! She got a bit chilly, so my cardie did the trick, so cute!

I finished 2 little newborn gowns, the pink one for a friend to give to her friend (sort of a commission, I guess) and the black one for my friend's little boy, born last Monday morning. I've had the tee for a while, it was brand new, and it's nice and soft.

We left the house to go visit him, here's the little man, himself. Welcome, Hugo!


CurlyPops said...

Awwww Hugo is so cute! Love the expression on his face.

Selina said...

Oh, he is too cute! Very serious expression on his little face!