Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stop looking, I found it.

As some of my blogger friends may be aware, I have developed an addiction for ironing presses after doing Nikki's bag course. I've hunted high and low, watched some go for lots of Ebay, and finally resolved to never finding one in an op shop, with the standard 'we had a few in last week' reply wearing me down.
So when I saw this one outside the Salvos in Williamstown 2 weeks ago, I nearly fainted. I offered to buy it unchecked on the spot (they could have named their price!) but the good volunteer was firm, "No, it has to be electronically checked". Which apparently happens monthly and he'd just been. I wandered around the shop miserably, and she must have felt a bit sorry for me, so she suggested I out my name on it and they could ring me when it was done and ready for sale.
1 week later, I get the call- all checked, A-OK and $50. Let's just say a happy house that night.

I was in the country yesterday, Castlemaine to be exact, and I went into this cute little shop, where the specialise in reproduction prints. I got a few more for a quilt I've been wanting to make for a while. The ones on the right were from about a year ago, and the ones bundled up are from yesterday. I heard them mentioning their stand at the Craft and Quilt Fair, go by and check them, especially if you loved these prints too. I'm sure there will be a show special!!


Nikki said...

Hooray!!! Just so you know - life will NEVER be the same now you have fusing press!! Enjoy quick, smooth interfacing fusing from here on!!

Anonymous said...

You too huh? There is no going back.

Anonymous said...

wow - you got one! Can you look for one for me now?
Lyn (from the same wonderful bag class of Nikki's)

Nikki said...

And suddenly.... your life feels complete! I wish you and your press many happy years of ironing together!

Bellgirl said...

Funny, I saw and ironing press in Lincraft today and wondered how your mission was hoing- congratulations