Friday, July 10, 2009

Forever and a day

is how long it has taken me to do this post. The computer is having some senior moments, and I think the nursing home is imminent. But here goes(....under pressure of maybe being the last post for ?how long)
I noticed the other night my cat has an orange dot on the top of her head. I hadn't noticed it before- every time I touch it, she pushes her head up in the catty way- I keep going 'toot-toot' when I touch it too. When do you think this would be annoying her?

A need for hoodies has driven me to quite a few oppies this week. Among the benefits (vintage sheets and bedspreads, haby) are these cool little numbers

this one (not technically a hoodie but a warm coat) needs some embellishing, yo yo's needed I think!

I also got this skirt with a ribbed waistband- just what every girl needs, a sheep skirt! Now it is stash skirt!

Some more fabrics/ bed linen/ doily

These arrived in the mail after my Paypal account paid for them (really a swap with the stuff I sold on Ebay, right?)

And I have wanted something Ken Done for ages- I had an amazing doona cover when I was younger, wish I still had it! Something being made out of this. And the brightest chenille I've seen that I didn't dye.

Finally, I have finished my little girls quilt, started at Sewjourn and finished in a week! Cheating included- over locking all pieces together (chenille is VERY fray-ey, annoyingly so0 and machine stitching binding on. I love the look. Haven't sewn the corners perfect, but I like it like this. Backing and binding picked by little one.

So, my busy week off work comes to a close. I am now trying to (still) unpack and get everything in it's place, a heap of washing to sort and put away has once again overtaken the couch, so I will answer....for 1 night anyway.


CurlyPops said...

Love the sheep skirt - now that's a classic!
The internet is making me very cranky today. Keeps timing out and I can't leave comments -ahhhhhhhhhh!
Bloody Telstra Wireless.

Andi said...

Want to see the whole quilt!!!
Andi :-)

Selina said...

You always manage to score big at the oppy! I agree with Cam, love the sheep skirt!