Saturday, July 11, 2009

Finishing things

Here is that jacket- very quick and easy, and looks good, I think. I had trouble with my buttonholes- Sharon had a great tutorial, and of course my Janome has one of these beauties, but mine always stuff up!! So I cheated and sewed press studs on with a button on the front. Don't tell anyone.

And, as requested, the whole quilt, and nothing but the quilt, so help me god. Well, a few throw cushions aside, I think it looks pretty amazing considering I didn't even measure it!! I held it up and went "is this big enough" to my posse at Sewjourn.

Hmm. The child says she doesn't like pink, but look at this post. She's very happy about it, too!


Andi said...

Jacket looks great.
And that quilt is wonderful.
Love the lights strung around the bed. Does she have these on at night?

Mistea said...

So pink seems to be hanging out in your sewing room too. I don't usually use pink but it seems to have been popping into everything I have made lately! Gorgeous Jacket, Great Quilt - you sure have been busy.

CurlyPops said...

Wow you whipped up that jacket in a jiffy! I always have problems with buttonholes too, even with a buttonhole foot. Snaps were a perfect idea!

Bellgirl said...

OOooh thrills! The quilt on the bed- looks great!

My camera battery charger is missing sadly, but when I find it will send a pic of my finished zippered pouch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bec
Your quilt is gorgeous. Making a quilt for my daughter's bed is on my list too. The jacket is amazing. Love the fabric. AMxx

bec said...

We put the lights on at night as she is going off to sleep, then I turn them off when I go to bed. Like a night light but prettier!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

The quilt looks absolutely beautiful. As does the jacket. You're a talented chick BK.

Anonymous said...

Funky Jacket, well done, I havent attempted a jacket yet, will put that on the to do list!! They quilt looks great.
Nice to meet you at the perle 8's the other week.