Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eye Spy...something I should use

I'm a few days late, but that explains my week, really. Hay fever has hit and a few early nights happened, thinking it was the flu. But I'm back now (thanks, Xyzal!)
So here is my 'something I should use' item- my hard saved for item, the handy cam. So small, so great (well, a trip to Officeworks tonight has proven the size thing to be wrong, this is huge). So if I don't get good use out of, it will be 'old' soon, and I'll need to upgrade!!

The other reason I should use it more is the priceless video of my little one's milestones- too busy, take a photo, yada yada yada. Now we are off on a 4 day trip involving Australia Zoo, Bindi and the Crocoseum, I want to take the video camera- but lack of use has made me a novice, and now I have the manual to study the night before, so I can get good use, PLUS pics and video to look at in years to come. What if I miss something.....

More Eye Spy's over here.
Thanks, Cindy!


Christine McDonald said...

have a great trip. can't wait to see some clips of your holiday.

Bellgirl said...

It's been a _shocking_ week for hayfever- I guess that means we don't have the flu either;) have a great trip and say hi to Bindi for me and the Bug!