Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 7

Even though my sew-jo will hopefully start  to return on it's own, the weather has pushed me into action, and some new garments are needed! I figured the more I have cut out and prepped, the easier it is to sit down and sew! It's what's worked for me the past, anyway:)

So I'm making another one of these; well, 2 actually, the Tana lawn from Spotlight for a dress, and the apple seersucker for a tunic.

I also (finally) started to trace out this pattern- so many pieces! I'm tempted to make a muslin out of the shorts to check fit first,  hard to tell how things will fit around your butt! Except I've just found this, good timing to read it before I start! And maybe join in :)

I also want to make view C in this pattern, some simple tops for work and the warmer weather. I've used this pattern before over here.

Is it just me, or this a massive (and unnecessary) selvedge?

And annoyed with the naughty pattern- it overestimated the amount of fabric by about half a metre! 

I wanted to show my trick for transferring markings too. I'm sure lots of people already do this, or some other form. Many times I wouldn't transfer the markings, then as I was sewing the garment together, had to pull out the pattern piece for one little dot- that can make all the difference! So I started using my hole punch- a single hand held punch would be easier, but this works fine for me. (I take to bottom off, that catches the confetti, then I can see where to punch).

 I usually half to fold the paper a bit, but then I have my dots done, to mark on the fabric, and more accurate than chalk etc. When I learnt at school we used thread to stitch the circle, this is so much easier!

Off to start sewing!


Jennie said...

I love the tunic Bec, don't really understand patterns tho. I need to try again!x

nicole said...

what a great idea!! will definitely use it, though i don't have a hole punch...
might have to just poke a hole in the pattern with a pencil ;)

Mistea said...

Clever Idea. Well done with the cutting.
Good luck with the sewing - if I cut that many things on one day I'd end up with some very interesting garments!

ZippyZippy said...

Good luck with the sewing mojo returning bit. Look forward to seeing the progress. I'm no clothes sewer, However, I do have a top half done. I cut up one of my fav linen tops that had seen better days, and tried to draft off it, just have to be in the right mood to finish it - and not be too disapointed when it looks stupid on me ;/

Lisa said...

You know I thought the EXACT same thing about the ridiculous amount of selvedge on the blue version I have of that fabric. Funnily enough the pattern I used over-estimated the fabric needed by about 60cm as well.. huge difference when I only needed a metre and bought two. I do like that brown version, might have to find some for me.