Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 17

 Phew, I'm glad we're just over halfway through, this daily blogging is a bit full on, now my life is a bit busier with work. But I always remember just before bed, thank goodness!

I whipped this up on Sunday morning, when I decided I really didn't want to continue with any of the projects from the Saturday Sewing Session- definitley a benefit having something cut out and ready to go! And as I'd finished the dress version (yet to be worn) this went together really quickly.


I wore it all day Monday and got a few compliments from colleagues (I generally work alone, so it was rare to have colleagues to compliment me on! Double bonus!)

I thought the sleeve length would be shorter, and my old-school faded tattoo would be more obvious, but it was ok.

Excuse the crinkly bum part, this was after a full day sitting, then basketball training, then car rides! Held up pretty well I thought!

Hmmm, I think three of these is enough, better pop that pattern away for a bit and try a different one!


Tas said...

I have 6 Amy Butler Barcelona skirts in my wardrobe- big believer that if you are on a good thing, stick to it

Nothing beats a comfy, flattering garment that you have made yourself.

Jennie said...

I really love the style of this (and the fabric you chose!)

rachelmp said...

Looks great Bec

Janine said...

love the top!
would you mind telling me which pattern you used?

Cass said...

Bec what pattern is this it looks great

Lisa said...

LOVE the fabric, it is just as nice and the Navy.

sophie said...

Looks awesome Bec!