Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blogtoberfest day 10

 So, new readers and old, I am seriously apologising for my lack of quality posts. Blogtoberfest has happened to coincide with about 3, maybe 4 weeks of full time work- eeek! I'm excited because it means I won't be eating out of bins in December, my Most Expensive Month (2nd only to the other 11) but I'm am bloody tired! And all these babies keep getting born, and I am apparently quite indispensable when it comes to helping people with that whole business *sigh*.

But it doesn't mix well with the 24/7 single parent thing. My hand quilting and fatigue is gluing me to the couch lately, and has anyone else had a 'daylight savings hangover' kind of effect? (I've started Vit B as well, and had my iron checked, don't worry!) I easily slept from 8pm until 7am this had some energy to get this happening tonight! Once I get off the couch I'm OK....

It's this pattern, I blogged about it the other day, but the pattern wasn't as clear. Googling the pattern number and 'images' brought up heaps of different fabrics and designs, might give a few more a go as tops too. This is the dress, and one reason I love it? Not fitted! So I don't need my dressmaker dummy, and I don't really make any adjustments. I like it lose and casual, heavier fabric may make is sit a bit different though. I've made another one in voile, and this one is Tana lawn.

bathroom self portraits at 10.30pm. I look quite good really.

I really like the pockets- the front piece from the pink yoke down is attached to 2 side bits. Very crap explanation, but to me very easy sewing! Now some pink cuffs and the neckline. And i'll be snapping it again to help with hem length. As it's lawn, and a bit sheer in light, don't know if i'd wear it as a dress, or as a tunic over pants or leggings. Hmm, i'll be back for an opinion on that...


Larissa said...

Very pretty and it looks lovely on you!

Mistea said...

Very impressed that is a Pretty new top.

I only went to work two days and I couldn't get off the couch or do more than a few rows of knitting.

Enjoy sewing up a storm when you can.