Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 28

I'm blogging today about someone very special, a whole family of special, actually! Among many amazing people I've met through blogging, I met Bianca a few years ago at the first Sew It Together, when she lived all the way up in Darwin! I was so happy when she decided to move to Ballarat, 
but bad luck hit when her then 10yr was diagnosed with ALL.

In the past year, we have all been included in their massive fight, and so far so good! But it's been tough, and Maybelle asked for one little wish....

So we have all tried to help...and that's where I am asking for your help too!

 There's a fantastic website made up with all the info, and to also let you know all the 'official' details;

A Facebook page to 'like';

And another one with a fantastic auction- yep, I'll be donating an item to that as well! And have my eye on a few things to bid on too!

I also bought a great tote bag; designed by Curlypops, and for sale here. I think there may be 2 left if you hurry!

The best thing about this bag? The cool little pocket inside, so I can fill the bag up with shopping, and have somewhere to put my keys and phone! So i just grab the tote and run...obviously designed by a woman haha

So, please do me, and a great little girl, a huge favour and help her out. We all some some good karma/brownie points, and helping others is the best way to get them!

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