Monday, October 8, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 8

 So I got my batting delivered today, and I pulled some energy (after a flat out day at work) out of my ass from somewhere to do some basting! It's always a good way of cleaning the lounge room anyway!

So there's the backing...see my little helper sitting still for 2 secs? (he got kicked out soon after, ants in his pants tonight)

different angle. Exciting, I know.

then the layer of batting, and....

 and I managed to forget one of the quilt top on top. Look over here for that!

And it took under 2 hours!

 And I thought I shared this, but don't think I did (or it's the crap filing system I call my labels- I really need to work on them!) I read on Jeni's blog in her great post about crafting with arthritis, and I'm always for tips for saving the aches and pains that can come with the extreme sport I call quilting!

Not having one of these tools, and really not believing it would do anything, I found something similar in my tools, and gave it a whirl. O.M.G.

It really makes a huge difference!

I still can't work out how, and that bugs me as i like to know how things work! But, as Jeni says, 'It minimises stress on your fingers and wrists and simply makes the whole process faster.'

It's definitely sped my basting up. Really less painful!

 In fact, the basting was so quick (I think I was traumatised by the single girl quilt having to be stuck to the floor for a week while I thread basted it) I may have it quilted in a few nights! Then what am I going to do on Saturday?


Unknown said...

That arthritis post was an interesting read. Did you watch the video she linked with the Quick Clip? I can totally see how that works - and yes, your tool looks like it would work pretty much the same way. Think about the position of your fingers, particularly the index finger and also which direction it is pushing in. Normally you would push with the outside of your index finger in a sort of sideways direction. With the tool, you are curling your fingers, which is a much more natural thing to do.

(recaptcha is weird - second picture looks like a creepy white hand, not numbers?)

Unknown said...

I typed in Nesuic hand and it worked!

ZippyZippy said...

Great job, I should have been basting tonight - I hate that job and the first husband hates it too, he has to listen to me moan and groan about it.
Went to a parents club meeting instead, tomorrow maybe.
That dog looks possessed!
Good luck quilting it

Tania said...


Did you say 'make basting faster'?

After my very own heart.

Mandy said...

Looks great! I use a plastic spoon to ease my basting pins in, much like you did with the needle pointer thing there. Works well for me.

Quilt looks pretty! Great job!

Leonie said...

My Mum has one of those tools and they really do make a difference, the grooves mean that the pin doesn't slide all over the place while you are trying to close the pin. Really useful tool.