Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blogtoberfest day 6

 I didn't plan to miss a day early in the month, but I seriously had nothing yesterday. Zip. Nada. Nil. 5 days of work wiped me out, and I thought a pic of our sausages on bread for dinner was just not acceptable!

So I made sure I took a snap today!

I've had serious sew-jo issues lately, haven't been at the machine all week, the couch is my friend at the moment! So in lieu of my sewing, I present- the cutest little baby gift my sister got given. Her friend is obviously a talented knitter! No idea of the pattern or wool etc, we were a bit worried though is may be a bit small- my niece or nephew will be a summer bub and not a small one at that! Always good to look at though; or save for number 2 (hmmm, that comment wasn't appreciated halfway thought the first pregnancy!)

 Actually, there are only 11 weeks to go, so I finally grilled her and got a plan of what I can sew etc, and some ideas of baby room gifts. 2 plans are this little guy

and this! Not sure what colours yet. Pattern from here, which I can hopefully pick up here.

And she gave my little/big girl a pressie- her old iPod, which will do great until her b'day in a few months! This burning to CD drama was so 1990's, we have added some technology to the house! Sad that I had to go wake the kid up to learn how to turn it off *sigh*


Sally said...

Yes I struggled yesterday too. I'm struggling to read all the blogs too. End of the working week of course.
Loving your cardi. You are so clever. I really do admire just how much you achieve working as hard as you do. You're a champ.

ZippyZippy said...

I love those balloons, I saw on instagram that she had some new ones coming in a few weeks, they look even better, seems to be panels you can sew.
Have agreat Sunday
Bloody word verification!
Dumbass me is on my third go

Karen said...

Nothing like kids and technology to make you feel old! My smallest was discovered typing her name into Wikipedia the other day!! had to be an accident she landed on that page but it cracked me up she typed her name into the search field!

annie said...

Welcome to the dark side where pod people live in your house and technology runs away and leaves you holding the laundry!

trash said...

I think (and am really not certain) that lil cardi/jacket is an Elizabeyh Zimmerman not-pattern called Baby Surprise. Not-pattern bc it her stuff is almost engineering!

Sue said...

Oh a BSJ cardigan which is designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I knitted one and it turned out rather smallish too. I love Ric Rac's donkey and Claire's hot air balloons are adorable. I think I should try making some of them for my SIL who is due with twins in December, so she will have 3 little ones under 1.2 yrs then. I have done quite a bit of knitting for when they turn around 6 mths as they wont need them earlier than that. I think I must be in the same technology funk as you Bec as I can never turn off Isabelle's ipod to do things either!