Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 11

I started this blanket ages ago, before I started the blog I think, in a different wool, making it 'just because' and I needed some portable craft. I think I halfway through and yep, ribbit ribbit (frogged!)

Now I have a niece or nephew coming, I thought it wouold be a good idea to make it fully- I have having something 'beat' me!

I had a work conference today and got the first bit done (no counting in this bit, easy!). I started the band a few weeks ago, but mistakingly did plain rib. Nope, that wouldn't do, I like it for the moss stitch!

The kid's doing swimming lessons again this term, so I'm hoping to have some more to show you by the end of term! Not that there's any hurry, this summer baby won't need this for a few mths yet. It will be TIED to the pram so it doesn't go missing!

Pattern book is here.


Leonie said...

Looks great. That is going to be one lucky baby.

Mistea said...

Nice start. Love the colour.
Enjoy the clicking.