Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 18?

Oops, losing track of the days here, I think this is right!

A quick My Creative Space tonight.

I love it when you make something for someone, and they like them so much they want more! These, and few more, are on their way to The Retreat, to keep the furniture looking it's best as long as possible haha. Oh, and to give me a good way to use up all the good scraps I collect!

Heaps more spaces over here....


Copper Patch said...

Yay! And a good bit of bartering to make it a sweet transaction.
Happy sewing,
Ab x

Michelle said...

I think these coasters are a great idea! Would'nt they make a wonderful present, as a set of 6 tied up in selvedge? Hmmm. Thinking caps on for Christmas!